The Demon God:

Name: Ifurita

Age: Over 20,000 years old

Height: 170cm

Blood Type: Unknown, artificial creation

Occupation: Ultimate Weapon

Weapon: Herself, Power Key Staff

Special Ability: She learns and can recreate any attack made against her almost instantly

Weakness: In order to maintain her power levels, her controller needs to wind her up with the Power Key Staff, literally, by inserting the base of it in a slot at the base of her back, with the time between winds based on the energy expended. I assume that if she totally runs out of energy, she goes offline until someone re-winds her. Additionally, she must obey the commands of the one who posesses the Power Key Staff, regardless of her will.

Vocal Talent:

Japanese: Yuri Amano
English: Kate T. Vogt

+Dark History