This shrine is dedicated to she who is the most beautiful of beautiful animated characters, she whose tale is the most compelling in all of anime and manga, she who is known as Ifurita, Demon Goddess of El Hazard. That which is contained within are my reasons and rational for placing her at the top of my list of characters in the anime and manga realms(though the latter is in competition with Battle Angel Alita at the moment).

And just so you people at home take note, this shrine and the pages within are written (almost)strictly from the perspective and storyline of the original OAV. The Wanderers and OAV2 be damned and Alternative World being irrelevant, they have all been excluded. And finally, for those easily offended, be forewarned of some mature themes, violence, and a touch of tasteful nudity.

**Warning** Major plot spoilers are contained within, non-spoiler intro here

To Do list: Updated 11/26/2001:
information on cast and places complete but Mt. Muldoon needs a picture. Demon God through part of Awakening complete(figure out how to finish + write up feelings and sacrifice). write up synopses, put in images & quotes.