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artistic genius - in-depth site devoted to the works of Masamune Shirow artistic genius - The main focus of the site for me, this ever-growing shrine to the artist Masamune Shirow is my favorite pet project. It should give you some sense of scope to consider that I feel it's only around 60-70% complete, and it's only going to get bigger as he produces more art.

pixels 2 spare - a desktop enhancement site pixels 2 spare - This wallpapers/goodies site is a joint effort between myself and a longtime friend. You'll find mostly anime and videogame wallpapers here, along with some random others, a few Winamp skins, a pile of avatars for use on web forums, and very, very sporadic updates, much like the rest of the site.

sacrifices - character shrine to El-Hazard's Ifurita sacrifices - A greatly neglected shrine to one of my favorite all-time characters, El-Hazard's Ifurita, that I really ought to finish up. As it stands, it's probably in the 50-60% range of completion, and given its much smaller size that artistic genius, that's not a whole lot of content. Ah well, I love the character, so the shrine gets to stay open.

red cross book - Neon Genesis Evangelion End of Evangelion supplement red cross book - Neon Genesis Evangelion was a great series, and I wanted to do something to acknowledge that in some small way. Unfortunately, nothing specifically gripped me enough to send me on a shrine spree, so instead I've done up an XHTML-friendly version of the End of Evangelion promotional supplement given away at theaters.

beyond - my personal weblog beyond - My weblog, huzzah and such. If you're curious about events in my life, or items of interest to me, feel free to take a peek. Granted, I'm currently blogging on a rather sporadic basis, only slightly more often than pixels sees an update. Of course, whether or not anything I write about is of interest to you, well... that's a whole different story.

other bits and pieces

site information - Originally registered in late April of 2002, was my second domain, and was originally intended to serve as my collective for anime shrines. Unfortunately work burnt out my passion for really doing so, leaving what remains above as the core of my site. Additionally, ending my original domain,, sees my blog residing here as well, and soon perhaps a portfolio site. For a long time, this was also home to Razy's Ruby Eyes shrine, which she took over once more(though I can't seem to find at the moment). As I ever strive to keep things flexible, this site is coded to XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2 standards, which may cause some breakage in older browsers.

disclaimer, etc - Layout image from Gunnm, which is © Yukito Kishiro. All other graphics, coding, and content ©2005 Phillip Higgins. No sites within are trying to infringe on copyright in any way, but rather aim to promote the characters, artists, and/or series contained within, and I do not profit from any of the content within. I will not take kindly to people who just take images from the site and use them as their own, or even directly link images from the site. If you ask if you can use something, and it's something I made, go ahead and ask to use it. I try and get permission for everything I use as well, but in some cases, it wasn't possible or practical, if you happen to be the copyright holder, contact me and we can work something out.

Some of the content on the site is intended for mature audiences. There is foul language within, and while I do not display any nude imagery, quite a bit of the imagery does contain scantily or suggestively clad women. I suggest you be of legal age to view adult materials in your country/state and it probably wouldn't be the best idea to go through here at work or with your parents around either. Given this warning, enter at your own discrection, but keep in mind that I won't be held liable if you find the content offensive, after all, you're the one that chose to enter, I didn't force you to enter and browse around when you could have gone scurrying back to Google instead.