Welcome, to our wallpapers site, we hope you like it. We've got an assortment of wallpapers here for you, from a number of series, which you'll see by looking to your left ::points::. In addition to the wallpapers, there's a whole pile of avatars and a couple Winamp skins to be found here. From time to time we'll add new sections as we make wallpapers for whatever suits our fancy. One _Big Thing_ to pay attention to is the fact that this site follows the W3's XHTML 1.0 standards, which most modern browsers support, with the exception of Internet Explorer, which is lagging far behind browsers like Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, most Linux web browsers, and even the freshly revived Netscape. To encourage you to try one of these browsers, I'm intentionally letting this site break in Internet Explorer. Not only do I think you'll like one of those other browsers, but I can pretty much guarantee that your computer will be far more secure just by using something other than Internet Explorer. - Phil

So hi there. I'm Mario. I'm the resident "artist" here. I'm working on getting my bachelor's degree right now in Visual Effects and Motion graphics. These wallpapers are just something I do on the side when I feel a need for a new desktop or just cuz someone asked me to. But I like sitting around, playing video games, eating food taking naps and just plain keeping my ass groove on the couch. Also I am a Mac user so anyone who bashes the mac...well whatever. That's your opinion. I loves my Powerbook. But I do wallpapers (for no profit or self-promotion) just to make things to look at and if anyone sees me using their art and they want it taken down, drop me a line as I understand the whole copyright thing. I only mean it as a form of flattery. But at any rate I hope everyone finds something to enjoy here and I look forward to...well, nothing really. This is just a hobby, after all. - Mario

4 Papers - Phil - Feb 20, 2005, 1:00am

How's this for a surprise, update out of nowhere! Just figured I'd link some of the Shirow walls I've done the last few months for visitors of my other site, as well as this Vandread one you see to your left.

17 Avatars, 7 Papers - Phil - Sept 15, 2004, 6:00pm

A small pile of GitS(and one Haruko) avatars from me here, and a variety of walls from Mario, marking the launch of a couple more sections here - DC Comics and Mario's Vector Artwork, along with a few more in Misc. Anime and Misc. Others.

1 Paper - Phil - Sept 14, 2004, 7:50pm

Came across a jaw-dropping scan a day or two ago, just had to make a wallpaper out of it, so here you go, Dita from Vandread, looking very easy on the eyes.

1 Paper - Phil - Sept 09, 2004, 5:50pm

Just uploaded a new Iria wall that's been sitting around on my system for a year now that I somehow never got to posting. I've got another similar paper of no one in particular that I might post later tonight, but I'm not sure, so that's all you get for now. Well, that and a couple code tweaks to fix some stuff.

Whole Mess of Stuff - Phil - August 22, 2004, 8:45pm

So, as you can see, there's a new layout here, much easier on the eyes than the last one, dunno what I was thinking there. Since I was working on this, figured I may as well get our walls up to date as well. Some Disgaea, Fushigi Yuugi, Megaman, Miscellaneous Anime, Miscellaneous Games, Miscellaneous Others, and (newly added) Naruto from Mario, as well as a couple of his Crappy Artworks. Contributions from the both of us on the Capcom/SNK and (newly added) Tenjou Tenge pages. Other than that, moved the Breath of Fire walls to their own page and uploaded my other two Winamp skins for you all to enjoy. I have a few more sitting around my HD, but I'm not really satisfied enough with any of them as yet to post them for you .

1 new paper - Phil - August 16, 2004, 11:00pm

Months roll by and updates lack, as usual. Well, we've been making papers, but too lazy to pull it all together for you people. Suffering through Jurrasic Park III this evening though, the roomate had some fun with his new tablet and put together this little number, based on the fantastic Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

2 new papers - Phil - May 5, 2004, 3:05pm

I'm sure I'll be getting angry stares and words from Mario after this, but I've just gotten around to getting his Wanted wallpaper uploaded. Excellent comic, more papers for it will probably show up, from either of us, but just the one for now. The reason he's gonna make angry at me is that I've also just gotten someone else's paper and am uploading that as well. That's right, we've got our first contribution to the site, a great looking Blue Bomber paper.

I've been playing around with bits of code with various things and am getting the itch to redo this layout, both to clean out some ugly code and make it easier on the eye. I'll probably hold off on that until I finish another layout I'm working on, so that'll still be a couple weeks, which is practically nothing given the speed of updates here....