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After Makoto and company show up in El Hazard, and Jinnai starts running amok with the Bugrom Army, Jinnai decides he needs an ultimate weapon for inspiring fear and crushing his opposition, and asks Diva if she knows of anything fitting the bill and she is quite reluctant to tell him about our Demon God, but eventually tells him what she knows.

Once Jinnai is aware of this, he starts his conniving and spreads rumors that he knows where it is, and tricks the good guys into leading him there. Once on the Forbidden Island(containing Ifurita's Tomb), he has a Bugrom Force distract the heros and runs off to locate Ifurita. Of course, Makoto is rushed up and into the tomb as well, trying to find her before Jinnai does.

Makoto does find her first, and lifts the Power Key Staff, causing Ifurita to rise up from her resting position, but before Makoto can activate her, Jinnai and his Bugrom show up and take the staff from him. Jinnai then proceeds to wind and wake Ifurita and promptly commands her to kill Makoto [check sequence online and fix]