*note that I did not write any of these wonderous creations, but rather, they are the works of various fan writers, credited as known below. If you're the author and don't want something on here, or want credit as being one of the unnamed ones, just get ahold of me and we can clear things up.

El-Hazard: Earth - Ken Wolfe
- Part 1 - As Long As It Takes
- Part 2 - The Road Home
- Part 2.5 - Reunited - Lemon
- Part 3 - Awakening
- Part 4 - The Silent Invasion
- Part 5 - Fall of Darkness
- Part 6 - Forever
- a wonderful series that chronicles Makoto's search for Ifurita, finding her, and life for the crew after that, set sometime after Alt. World. Reunited occurs partways through the second chapter and doesn't demand reading if you are offended by lemon content.

A Cup of Coffee - unknown
- Tenchi/Sailor Moon/El-Hazard crossover - Tenchi, Mamoru, and Makoto discuss life around a cup of coffee

My Girlfriend is a Demon Goddess - Lex Mesman
- Jerry Springer/El-Hazard crossover - the cast gove their opinions of the Makoto-Ifurita relationship

A Quiet Game of Poker - unknown
- Tenchi/Neon Genesis Evangelion/Oh! My Goddess/El-Hazard crossover - Shinji, Tenchi, Keichi, and Makoto gather for a friendly game of poker

Rain - Emily Siazon - Lime
- Makoto and Ifurita get caught in the rain at a festival


Discovering El-Hazard
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