Ani-Mayhem CCG (Dominion)

Something I completely forgot about until recently was a game that came out in the mid-90s called Ani-Mayhem. It was an anime-based customizable card game, like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon, published right around the peak of the CCG craze by Pioneer Entertainment. The cards in the three sets that came out were designed around screencaptures from various anime, namely El-Hazard, Tenchi Muyo, Ranma 1/2, Bubblegum Crisis, Ah! My Goddess!, Project A-Ko, Phantom Quest Corp, Armitage III, Dominion Tank Police, and Dragonball Z. While the game never really took off, it had some interesting gameplay concepts and made for some fun afternoons with a few of my friends.

The game was set out so that you(and any opponents, as it was also playable as a Solitaire game) started up a game by placing a series of Locations representing various places in the different anime the game is based on, along with two random Disasters and a random Item. Once the locations were laid out, you would begin moving your party of Characters around the field and try to 'scavenge' the Locations for the Items placed there, provided you could muscle or charm your way past the Disasters at a Location first, with the ultimate goal of having the most Items at the end of the game. Of course, there's a lot more to it than that, but it's just to give you a general idea of the process. If you're interested in the rules(and pretty much anything else related to the game), head over to

Of course, you only care about the Shirow-related material here right? Well, as I said, the game based its cards on screencaps from these anime, and in total there were 57 cards printed featuring the original Dominion anime. Aside from the promotional card Motorcycle Getaway, all the Dominion cards were printed in Set 1, which is actually the second set since they started off with Set 0. While there was a healthy chunk of variety in them, there wasn't quite enough to allow you to build a Dominion-only deck adhering to the standard rules, as is the case with several of the other series.

Given the age and relative obscurity of the game to begin with, its rather difficult to find cards these days, as I've only found them with any regularity on ebay, and haven't even looked for them in a couple years now. If you do happen to find some, or actually have a collection, and have extra copies of any of the ones I'm missing below, get in touch and let's see what we can work out.

Ani-Mayhem Dominion Cardlist

On to the cardlist then, if you're interested in the full Ani-Mayhem run, check out the site above, otherwise read on. There's no scans of any of them for you at the moment, I'm adding them to the pile of other things I have yet to scan in.

Characters (7)
Leona Ozaki
Squad Leater Britain

Enhancements (2)
Patiently Waiting
Turbo Boost

Equipment (4)
Bio-Ball Remover
Bonaparte (Rare, don't have)
Medical Scanner
Swamp Boat

Flash Effects (11)
Avoid Fire
Emergenct Stop
Following Orders
Get Around
Hidden Weapon
Last Chance to Confess
Loving You
Lucky Shot
Minor Injury
Motorcycle Getaway (Demo Set promo, don't have)

Global Effects (4)
Breaking and Entering
Ready to Go
Squad Bay

Items (5)
Breather Mask
Lab Computers
Project Greenpeace
Training Book

Locations (5)
Junk Yard
Squad Bay (Haven)
Tank Police HQ

Major Disasters (3)
On The Move
Red Commandos
Tank Police on Patrol

Minor Disasters (7)
3-Way Rumble
Bio Ball
Happy Tanks
Running Fight
Sudden Stop
Swat Team
Tank Special (Rare, don't have)

Combat (9)
Assistance / I Surrender
Blind Throw / Surprised
Call To Arms / Accost
Desperate Shot / Terror
Fancy Dance / Sexy Teacher
Gone Crazy / Lovely Ladies (Uncommon, don't have)
It's Your Fault / Broad Shoulders
Startled / Pretty Lady
Surprise Attack / Happy
Take Cover / Ecstasy