Dominion - Characters

Rather than make a page for each version of Dominion, I'm just gonna list everyone of importance here and let you know the differences as necessary. There is a minor bit of spoilerish information in here, so you may want to avoid this page for now. Yes, I know there's not a lot of information here, it's mostly due to the small cast(and scope) of the series, and there will eventually be accompanying imagery when I feel like digging through my scans and screencaps.

The Good Guys

Our heroes, often doing more damage to the city than the criminals, especially when they're out in full force...

Leona Ozaki

Dominion's heroine, Leona starts out as a fresh transfer from the city's Motorcycle Police Squad. While she has a bit of trouble fitting in at first, once she starts work on Bonaparte, she finds her place among the Tank Police, as well as a lot of love for her little tank.


One of the younger members of the Tank Police, Al's generally a nice guy, and rather smitten with Leona. He helps Leona build Bonaparte, and once it is completed, he serves as its copilot.

Squad Leader Britain/Brenten

Macho tough guy doesn't begin to describe this guy, Britain loves his Tank Police, wanton destruction, and his own special brand of interrogation tactics. At the start of the series, he had the only steel tank left in the city, with the remainder of the Tank Police's arsenal being made out of composite plastics.


A failed scientist, Specs serves as the Tank Police's technical expert. He leaves the squad for a brief period to go work on a research project, but returns when he realizes the group he was working with was just using him to do the research and then claim his findings for their own.


Trying to keep up the faith and morale in the Tank Police, Chaplain is another kind character, but he has no problems participating in Britain's interrogations, in fact, he lends something of an extra touch with his quips about the afterlife.

The Chief

Stuck with covering for the Tank Police, the Chief is headed for an early grave from the stresses of fighting crime and dealing with the public about the destruction being caused by the Tank Police.

The Bad Guys

The criminals, they are running rampant in the city! Not even the Tank Police can keep up with all the crime that goes on in the city, nor does it seem to serve as an effective deterrent.


Leading the gang of evil-doers in Dominion, Buaku proves rather difficult to keep captured. As he only appears in the original 6-part Dominion series, we don't get to explore his character as much as the main members of the Tank Police, but he still proves to be a reasonbly competent villian.

Annipuma and Unipuma

I've listed this childish pair together as there's no real point in separating them out. These twin catgirls are Buaku's primary henchmen (henchwomen?), and don't have a lot of intelligence between them. Their specialize in shooting first, then possibly asking questions later. From Dominion: Conflict onwards, with Buaku gone, they end up working for the Tank Police, rather than against them.

Buaku's Gang

The gang of evil-doers, lorded over by Buaku, subject to his every whim and desire, being used in horrible and degrading fashion... Okay, maybe not quite that far... Anyhow, they provide Buaku the support he needs to help him with his master plan and seem to do so fairly compentently, even if they look rather funny (much like everyone else in Dominion).