Intron Depot 1

This is a fairly comprehensive collection of Shirow's projects from 1981 through 1991, and consists mostly of images from his various mangas, and their cover arts in particular. As this all stems from pre-1992, the images here are handcrafted works, no computers involved, somewhat ironic as this volume is mostly technology-themed illustrations, whereas Intron Depot 2 deals mostly with fantasy imagery and has quite a bit of computer-based rendering.

Also of interest to me is all of the Landmate designs that are in this collection(around 20 to 30 landmate-only images), as Shirow's Landmates and Fuchikomas/Tachikomas are some of my favorite mecha designs in anime. Granted, the only other mecha designs I particularly like are the Evangelions. Of course, it goes without saying that Shirow provides an eye-pleasing pilot for nearly all of them, which I, for one, don't mind in the slightest ^_~

The choicest pieces in here are probably all the full-color Appleseed images, including various frontispieces that I don't think hit any of the US releases, as far as I know. Another interesting bit, Shirow's included the pages that were deleted from the Darkhorse editions of Ghost in the Shell, involving a highly erotic cyber experience with Motoko, the last page of which is shown below.

Additionally, we have a section dealing with commissioned work for games and a section at the end that is apparently the imagery from the 1988 Appleseed calendar, which is nigh impossible to find nowadays. I've included a few of the images here, but am refraining from adding it to the master calendar page as I have no way to tell if it is the actual imagery or not.