Dominion Tank Police » Act I - Crime Brigade

Starting out with a dialogue between the Police Chief and the mayor discussing the role of the Tank Police, we find out that their exsistence is a subject of much debate. The Chief even goes so far as to say he'd prefer to see his officers equipped with a nulear arsenal, on the basis that if it can deter wars, it can certainly deter crime. After the theme song plays, we cut to the villians of our tale, Buaku and his android catgirls, Annapuma and Unipuma, breaking into a hospital for perfectly healthy people. Cutting to a the Tank Police 'interrogating' a criminal in their own special fashion, we get to meet the good guys of the story Al, Squad Leader Britain, Specs, the Chaplain, and Leona. Defintely one of the more amusing seqeunces I've ever seen in an anime, moreso each and every time.

Back to our villains and the hospital they broke into, Buaku finds what he's looking for and so they make their escape.... only to find themselves surrounded by the authorites. We're now treated to one of the show's signature sequences, the catgirl's striptease of ultimate distraction, allowing Buaku to make his getaway. But not to worry, it is time for the Al and Leona to give chase in Britain's Tank Special(the only steel tank on the force), chewing up the streets as they go.... but only after Annapuma rear-ends them. Britain, following after, is left bemoaing the damage to his precious tank, while Buaku, gets away, mostly, losing the stolen material in a parting shot from Leona. As we hit the midpoint of the first part, we play the blame game, with each person of lowering rank getting chewed out in turn.

After the incident, we find Britain at the Hospital talking with the Doctor about the incident and find that Buaku was stealing urine samples from the perfectly healthy people, who, as Specs explains to Britain, do not have any of the natural immunities to the bacteria cloud covering the city like most of the population. Feeling sorry over the Tank Special's destruction, Leona, after a conversation with the Chaplain, decides to start building a new, miniature tank for Leona from its remains, naming it Bonaparte. Let's just say she becomes rather enamored with her little Bonaparte later on. Not that this makes Britain happy in any way shape or form...

Act II - Crime War

This act starts out with Buaku trying to get payment for his failed urine robbery, letting us get a look at his employer. Fortunatley for him, his employer is getting him new hardware and a second chance to retrieve the urine. Of course, the Tank Police, Specs in particular, realizing the possibility of further attack on the Hospital, strike a deal offering security in exchange for some information about the research being conducted at the hospital, namely about the urine. Getting back to Buaku and company, we come across them appropriating some black market tanks of thier own. Of course, the catgirls complain about how these tanks look tacky and would prefer something cooler... Of course, they're not the only ones getting new toys, as Leona and Al(spending quite a bit of time together) continue to assemble Bonaparte and get it working.

Attacking the Police Station with their new toys, the catgirls draw the Tank Police into a chase where they deploy special bio-memory plastic plates that, once deployed, wait for something heavy enough to pass over them. Not knowing what these flat plates are, the tanks all drive over them and are all flipped by the plates as they turn into some colorful phallic objects. Having been left behind, completing their tank, Leona and Al proceed to tear past the mines, catching up with the rest of the crew, who've started giving chase on foot, and giving Britain a lift. Back at the Hospital, Specs is heavily outgunned, and decides to chase the Puma twins through the Hospital. Buaku, also following along, also contributes to the utter decimation of the Hospital's interior while the twins succeed in obtaining more urine samples. Arriving at the scene, Leona and crew find the Hospital aflame and are just in time to have a firefight with Buaku's tanks.

After a brilliant display of driving and marksmanship, the little Bonaparte is finally outgunned and buried in a pile of rubble, allowing Buaku it get away successfully with the urine. As they exchange the urine for payment, they find out about the purpose in stealing the the urine, a project known only as "Greenpeace" at this point. Showing up to interrupt the tale, Britain and the Bonaparte show up to arrest Buaku, the catgirls, and the man employing them, with Leona having orders to shoot if they so much as twitch, which she does when one of the catgirls sneezes. Of course, this happens to kill the employer, and causes our Tank Police, Britain in particular, to get chewed out by the Mayor directly over the destruction of the Hospital in a failed attmept to capture petty thieves. Leona, having had enough of this, pulls her gun, rants about this being a war, and proceeds to shoot the mountain of paperwork on the Mayor's desk, ending the episode with Britain's notes of praise for Leona's skill.

Act III - Crime Ethic

Starting out with an auction for "Innocent," the last painting made before the bacteriological contamnation of the atmosphere, and bearing a striking resemblance to Buaku, the piece ends up going for 900 million dollars. After our theme plays, we cut to Buaku and company rafting through the sewers as they get to the auction house. Before any more from them however, its time to catch up with the Tank Police, with Leona playing ringleader in more of the team's specialty, interrogation. Back at the art house, the catgirls take a little break from the crime to play dress-up before getting yelled at by Buaku to get back to work. As the catgirls complain about not getting 900 million for nude paintings of themselves, a Red Commando drops in to defend "Innocent" and commences to have an extremely destructive firefight in the auction house. Back at the police station where we find Leona becoming more and more attached to her precious Bonaparte.

Finding out that there's an emergency in the city every 36 seconds, Britain informs the crew of the firefight at the auction house, much to their pleasure. And so, the Tank Police heads out, intent on capturing Buaku and maybe smashing up some valuables in the process... As th firefight rages on between the twins and the Red Commando, a wounded Buaku is stuck in the crossfire and just can't win, and so, makes his escape while the twins hold off the Commando. Britain and the Tank Police, enjoying the wanton destruction from outside(and a hearty meal), send Al and Leona in to investigate, saying they'll be along in about 7 minutes. Taking a brief break in the action, a computer is shown, displaying a small diatribe on the collector's world and how it is "brilliantly parodied in that seminal literary work, 'Dominion,'" before being run over by Leona. Buaku, taking an opportunity presented by the firefight, places a Bio-ball around Leona's neck and runs off with her.

With the bio-ball constricting every tighter around her neck as she moves around, Leona is forced to accompany Buaku until he can get to his hideout and get the removal spray, if she lets him go free. Cutting back to Al getting reamed by the Chief, the crew resolves to find Leona and capture Bukau and company, but not before being confronted by a member of the Red Commandos looking for the painting. As Leona tends to Buaku's wound's, he recalls his past in a labratory as a test subject for Project Greenpeace, which we find is designed to genetically engineer a hybrid creature, part animal, part plant, that can rid the atmosphere of the bacteria cloud and convert it to oxygen. With the Tank Police and Red Commandos hunting them out, Leona and Buaku progress to the meeting place. As they reach the end of the underground river, Leona and Buaku find their boat being drawn into some whirling blades of doom. As they go overboard and struggle not to be caught in the blades, they end the act on us.

Act IV - Crime Factor

Also entitled "Good People Will Commit Crimes... Of Course, Bad People Too..." Act 4 picks up right where the last one left off, with Leona and Buaku in peril, well, after the opening rolls anyhow... Saved by a monitor on the wall seemingly tuned to an icon on Leona's uniform. Our pair is soon assaulted by Red Commandos, and work on making thier getaway while the Tank Police closes in on the scene. After a confrontation between Britain and the Red Commandos, the Tank Police resume their search for Leona. As we get back to the Puma twins, continuing about getting meager daily wages compared to the 900 million for 'a nude picture of a man' while worrying about Buaku. Unipuma, showing some initiative, decides to go looking for him, and the scene shifts to Buaku and Leona, where Buaku unconsciously relates his story to Leona.

We find out that Buaku's life in the lab goes back at least 80 years, and that at the end of the period there, a raid on the test facility occured, the research destroyed, and the test subjects were rounded up, with an emaciated Buaku being denied a drink of water when the raiders bust in. As they are being hauled off, Buaku manages to stumble out of the transport truck chasing after water and is left to fend for himself in what is, to him, a totally alien world. Having a gun and sack of money pitched at him by a woman driving by, Buaku is beaten and falsely arrested, setting him down his path in the world. Back to the present, Buaku explains to Leona the real importance of "Innocence," how it contains a backup of the data from the research facility. We also find that his primary interest in it is that it is a sort of proof of existance for Buaku and the other guinea pigs, and just looking at the painting brings a peace to Buaku akin to one found at home.

Of course, we can't just sit here reminiscing, as the Red Commandos show up en masse. Not to be outdone, Unipuma shows up, armed to the teeth. Britaion and "the heros always arrive last" Tank Police show up and we find ourselves with a 3-way standoff. Again, a sneeze is all that is needed to set off the action, as everyone fires at everyone. As Leona and Buaku take off on a motorcycle, the Commandos give chase in a pair of helicopters, and Al, in Bonaparte, follows the lot of them and manages to take out the choppers before tipping Bonaparte on its side. With that, Leona and Buaku reach the meeting place, quite possibly the safest place to be, the bar across the street from Tank Police HQ. Of course, before things get too happy-settled, the leader of the Red Commandos arrives to steal the painting, After Buaku comments on realizing he can't have the past back with the painting, one of the twins takes a massively oversized Tank Police tank and shoots down Mr. Red Commando.

Resolving Buaku's past, he goes off with the twins and finds the lab where he was originally held, where he discovers Greenpeace, the fairy-like being that was the final product of the research lab's work. As we leave him sitting in awe, we go back to the Tank Police's return to base, with Leona fawning Bonaparte and berating Al for the damage done to it, and that concludes our story.