Sorcerer Hunters / Bakuretsu Hunters

My god I love this show, specfically Chocolate. She's wonderful, and scary and awesome and sexy and great and pretty and she can tie me up anytime. But yeah, I should be making plenty more wallpapers to put here, so wait for them and love me for them...or hate me, like I fucking care. I love Chocolate.
- Mario

The Sisters Misu - Mario - 12/14/03

Great artwork always comes out of things involving this show, aside from fanart which seems to be really lacking in caliber as to awesomeness. But that's not the point. As is stated before, I love this show and I also love Chocolate, though Tira's good too. But anyways, there's stuff going on here that I refuse to explain mainly because I...forgot how I did some of them ^_^;; Anyway enjoy this piece.

Chocolate Misu - Mario - 12/06/03

This one took me for-fucking-ever, mainly because of the text on it. I couldn't find the perfect font so I just left it with taht one. Dunno if it actually works or not but that's how it is. No changing it now. Too bad so sad if you hate it, I personally coud care less as I get to look at Chocolate either way. Horray for me.

Chocolate - Phil - 3/18/03

A random Sorcerer Hunters wallpaper I made up for Mario, though not at his request, just at random. Basically I just took a pencilboard scan and played with it and blurs a bit. Chocolate's so damn sexy when she's being scary ^_^