Sorcerer Stabber Orphen

I love this show. Personally I can't wait for Revenge. Anyways Orphen's the man.. Cleao r0xx0rs and Majic is a whinky little geek. - Mario

Cleao - Mario - 1/14/03

Yes!!! I did it! I made a Cleao wallpaper, and if I'm ever able to find more bitchin' artworks of her such as this one (or get around to drawing up some of my own) there will be more. An overabundance if you will. this is again simple and lame but I love it anyways. It's my baby..they all are. yes I am a giant dork.

Scion of Sorcery - Mario - 6/14/02

Look at him, all deep in thought pondering over his dear Azalie...that tramp! All that shit Cleao goes through just because she wants to be with Orphen all the time. I hate Azalie...making poor Cleao all upset like that. Anyways, this is Orphen....he defines 1337. Deal with it.