So one day I was being a big fat whiner and decided I needed something to watch so i grabbed the first 10 episodes of naruto and watched them....but I couldn't tell if I liked it or not. so I got the next 10 and the next 10 and it kept going and now I'm up to date at episode 96 and still not sure if I like it. I know I like characters (Sakura and Hinata, for starters) And I know there are times when I think the show really shines (episode 32) but it's just something for me to fill the gap between FMA and Tenjou episodes. Maybe someday something cool will change that, but for now it's cool enough. - Mario

Naruto - Mario - 08/04/04

So this is from naruto which is loved on one side and hated on the other. Me...I'm in the isn't my favorite show to watch but it IS something to watch. Anyways someone asked me to do it. I learned the tech for the background and tweaked the crud out of it. (you'll see it around in other places too) But I'm almost happy with how it turned out so whatever.

Temari - Mario - 07/24/04

Temari from Naruto while not being one of my favorite characters, does have some nice artwork out there and I wanted to throw down on this one and not just do something lame or whatever, so I made a mess and fucked it the hell up (the background) and there we go. (secret reason for making this: so there were two Naruto wallpapers and Pip had to make a page dedicated to it, even though he doesn't care for the show at all)