What to say about a show about sexy female assassins who are the best at what they do and fear all over the world? yeah actually I think that about says it all. I personally am a Mirelle fan, while Phil, my wallpapering cohort in crime prefers the Chloe. I recommend this to any living breathing person on the planet. Noir is at the top of a very long list of favorites of mine, so chech it out. Who knows, someday, you might be hunted....and wouldn't having just a little more knowledge of who was hunting you be a bit comforting? - Mario

Adieu - Mario - 5/04/03

It's a simple wallpaper of Mirelle. Nonetheless it's still a great image of her, and I'm not divulging where the image came from, but I have it stored for posterity. At any rate this is really too simple and there isn't much to say about it so...adieu.

Chloe - Phil - 4/17/03

I started playing with this one about the time the official ADV site for the show launched, as it had the first quality imagery I'd come across for Chloe. It didn't really get going until I got the Noir preview DVD in Newtype and screencapped the shots of Chloe in the opening, resulting in what you see here.