This is quite possibly the best game I've ever played on PSX. The story of this game is so fscking cool on deep. I haven't been this into a game since I got Final Fantasy VIII and played it for a week straight (my Playstation almost burst into flames) But if you haven't played this game, and you know who you are, then go buy it, order it online, borrow it from a friend (like 6 people plan to borrow mine when I actually finish it) do whatever it takes, but play this game!! And to you who recommended I get this game, THANK YOU!! - Mario

What's Your Id? - Mario - 7/02/02

Another Xenogears wallpaper I made not only out of boredom, but because I never saw Id or what he looked like. I realized he looked cool and so I made this...this was the 1st Xenogears wallpaper I made too. Hooray for Id for being #1!!

A Study of Elly - Mario - 3/22/02

This is the first I did in what ended up being an entire series of Xenogears wallpapers. I thought the sketches were a neat thing so I made them do what I wanted and this came up. Pink ownz, so no badmouthing it or no more wallpapers for j00!

Love - Mario - 8/09/02

This is my tribute not only to Fei and Elly of Xenogears fame, but to anyone who's ever fallen in love. If no one knows by now, I am truly the definition of a Hopeless Romantic. Yes, I did write that little poem thingy that's on there, and of everything I've ever written, I actually like that one. This is one of the wallpapers I use the most on my own stupid computer.

Preacher With Pistols - Mario - 8/09/02

This would be Billy Lee Black. he makes Clint Eastwood and John Wayne sad they weren't his students. Stupid cowboys... Billy isn't one, but he shoots like 'em... better actually. Anyways, this continues the Xenogears sketch style wallpaper movement

Tormented Youth - Mario - 8/09/02

Fei Fong Wong. Basically the main character of Xenogears. He has got some SEVERE issues. but that's ok... in a fight I'd still rather have him on my side. The D00d can really own people like mad. Big Red X!!

The Noble Pirate - Mario - 8/09/02

Bartholomew Fatima. My favorite Xenogears character ever. Keeper of part of the Fatima Jasper and a pirate dwelling amongst the sand. Pilot of Yggdrasil and Brigandier. Bart is the man with the plan. And just look at the weird ass background I made... ain't it great?

The Good Doctor - Mario - 8/09/02

Citan Uzuki, doctor and friend to Fei at the beginning of Xenogears. Later he gets all cool and has a sword and so much neato stuff. Citan's as 1337 as that game can get, and that game gets pretty Fsckin' 1337.

A Feared Enemy - Mario - 8/09/02

Ramsus. Not much I can say about him...at least not without spoiling the entire plot of Xenogears. So I'll just say that I made this one to go with the rest of my Xenogears one. but it's not a neat sketchy one due to lack of neat Ramsus sketches. Oh well...maybe someday I'll find some more.