Serial Experiments: Lain

Serial Experiments:Lain is one of those animes that just make you sit there ans say "Huh?" before, during, and after watching it. Even though, according to series creator Yoshitake Abe, this series was originally aimed at a primarily Japanese audience, it has found a lot of appeal here in the US too, It's a great look at life in Japan, full of cultural symbolism and references, including a bunch of little Macintosh computer references. If you enjoy thinking animes, this is definitely one to look out for. - Phil

Bedtime - Phil - 01/25/04

Rar... didn't write this up properly initially. Anyhow, this is a paper that has been sitting around my system for quite some time collecting virtual dust after I'd forgotten about it. I'd run into some brain blocks as I was going through setting this one up and just kind of left it unfinished. Going through and cleaning things up last weekend, I figured out something that I liked and just ran with it, and this was what came out.

Lain's Life in HTML - Phil - 4/14/02

This one was initially done for a friend who wanted a nice 1280x1024 Lain wallpaper, as none seem to exist, so I took it and played around, making Lain's life in html.

Binary Girl - Phil - 3/22/02

Based off of some nice-sized artbook scans I got from Gio, this was a fun one to make, and my fist experience with tons of text on a psd document - damn sluggish.