Tenjou Tenge

I've been following scanlations of the manga for some time now(though without really telling anyone about it), and huzzah, a few months ago the launched an anime, which I've been watching and enjoying. Sure, it's pretty much just another Fighting High School series, but Oh! Great's art is absolutely fantastic(and hot) stuff, can't wait to see how DC handles the US manga release. It's great looking fluff that's worth checking out if you need something that kills time while providing boatloads of fanservice and buckets of blood. - Phil

So I started watching this and Pip did and neither of us knew immediately that the other was getting it. I like Emi. She's my favorite character, but Takayanagi is definatly a close second for that. So this is a fun show and the opening always gets stuck in my head. Bomb a Head! - Mario

Natsume Maya 2 - Phil - 06/24/04

Woo I like this one. Even though she never gets shown with an aura, I thought it would make for a cool backdrop to this excellent Maya image. Okay, so I was just fucking around with some filters and managed a great aura-like effect, that gets insanely pink in parts. You all even get a couple widescreen resolutions, since someone on IRC asked for one.

Isuzu Emi - Mario - 05/18/04

Hot smoking damn do I like Emi. She's a great character who really doesn't get enough coverage...least not yet. But yeah I loves teh Emi and I'm also very scared of her. She throws pointys. and in case anyone cares, the background is a color shifted version of a photo I took after we had a tornado outside my apartment building. SO if you want the original o that, just drop me an e-mail.

Maya Sisters - Phil - 05/15/04

Not a whole lot to this one, I found a 2-page magazine scan of the Aya and Maya that I really liked, so I spliced it together and cleaned it up a bit.

Natsume Maya - Phil - 11/12/03

So yeah, been a while since I made it, back around the time I started reading TenTen. Not my best effort, but on the whole I like how it turned out