Final Fantasy

Oh come on now, you can't seriously tell me you've never heard of the Final Fantasy franchise? At any rate, this'll be the depository of any FF-related papers we come up with, be it from one of the many games, either of the animes, or, summons forbid, the FF movie... anyhow, most of the papers are likely to be FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, or FF:Unlimited-based - Phil

Wheee! FF = Good....for the most part. I'm not gonna say anything about the movie here, I promised I wouldn't. Screw it....THAT MOVIE SUCKED!!! Alright, I feel better now. Anyways, I'm gonna get an Aeris wallpaper or 12 in here eventually and probably some FF8 stuff. - Mario

FFVII X-Mas - Mario - 12/21/03

Merry Christmas everyone! Made this one especially for all of you out there who celebrate christmas and don't hate me. Took quite a bit of time to actually do this one what with all the modifications to the image itself and all, but it's done in time for the holidays so happy christmas and merry new year everybody! Hope we all get what we want.

FFX-2 Rikku - Mario - 11/23/03

I was asked to make it and I did. I do like it but at the same time I bet I could do better. Anyways yeah, I happen to like FFX-2 but I do understand that some people just don't like it and I do get why, but yeah, Final Fantasy X-2 artbook.......Best. Artbook. Ever.

Rikku - Mario - 4/30/03

This is my most recent (as of 5/4/03) wallpaper that I'm proud of. The background is simple motion blurred squares over a plain white layer. Put an image in the text again...can you read it? I can. I love the images, particularly the one on the left of this paper. it's good Rikku stuff.

Tidus - Mario - 4/01/03

I HATE this wallpaper. I mean REALLLLLLY hate it. I can't find one thing I like about it. Only reason I even made it is cuz someone asked me too..and she may have liked it but god DAMN do I hate this thing. I don't even know why I'm letting the general public see this, but I s'pose learning from my mistakes is good. Any hatemail for this wallpaper goes to The_Geohound [at] thank you.

Summoning of the Black Wind - Mario - 8/10/02

Look! It's Kaze!! My first Final Fantasy Unlimited Wallpaper. Still not all too sure if I like it or not, but whatever. Only real issue I have with it is maybe, just maybe.... I put too many friggin' words in there!! Oh well, its still Kaze and thus it's still cool

The Turks - Mario - 8/10/02

Ahh yes, the Turks and Rufus Shinra. Aside from Aeris, these people are why I play Final Fantasy 7 anymore. they have mad skillz, bitchin' clothes and my kind of attitudes. Turks are Jerks they chanted...yet Rufus knew....oh he knew. one day the would all bow to him...well, if Diamond hadn't popped up Grr!!!

Quite the Hottie - Phil - 6/01/01

Yes, Tifa's quite the hottie. Yes, I like Tifa regardless of that fact. Yes, I like Tifa with that fact. Yes this was shameless. Yes, I was bored. Yes, this is mostly fanart. Yes, this is that one I never made this page for. And yes, this is as close as I'll get to hentai on here, for now.