One of Mario's all time favorite series of games, I'm sure more papers than these will pop up on occasion, likely in the form of Zero, and not any of that new Megaman NT crap. - Phil

Fuck. I love Mega man. I have no more words for it. It's probably my favorite game franchise of all time. My wallpapers will never do it justice for how much I love it. I can't say anymore. I'm too sad with nostalgia and rabid hatred of Quickman's level. - Mario

Nightmare Zero - Mario - 07/12/04

anyone see a pattern from me with some art, a black background and nothing else but possible text? Dunno why but those are some of my favorite ones to make and look at. Simple is good.

Megaman - Richard - 05/07/04

Our first 3rd party contribution to the site, this wallpaper was sent along to me by Richard, looking for a place to get it posted/hosted. I think it's a great first attempt on his part, and look forward to anything he comes up with in the future. While he originally had it at only 1280x1024, Richard's gone and made smaller versions availible now as well, so go ahead and grab the resolution of your choice.

Rock and Blues - Mario - 02/01/04

Art taken from the cover of issue 3 of Dreamwave Productions new Megaman comic book series. First off all I'd like to say how much I enjoy the art in this comic series and now that they've begun their Megaman X comics I'd think it's safe to say that I bow to them in their entirity....possbly even the interns. Anyways, got a ton of new things to try and this was just one of those experimental things, mainly the background. I was going to try for a massive one with this, but my system just plain couldn't handle it, and as such 1600x1200 is the biggest you get. Sorries.

The Blue One Cometh - Mario - 08/10/02 can't believe I even made that one. It's, for lack of a better word....It's Crap!! Though since it WAS the second wallpaper I ever made, I suppose it's ok that I made a piece of junk like that. ^^; Oh well...