Fushigi Yuugi: The Mysterious Play

I just got into this show a couple weeks ago, and I must say I really do like it. It's a fun romantic trip to a world of Fantasy and a little bit of reality. Great story and awesome charaters (Tasuki and Hotohori R0xx0r ^_^) and some really cool animation and a neat art style from Yu Watase. Let's all go see FY together everyone. Yay!! - Mario

Setsunaktemo...Zutto - Mario - 7/28/04

This is a rehash of my 'Even though it's painful...always' wallpaper I made a long time ago. I did this because that one's too small for my powerbook screen and I wanted something special for my awkward resolution. So I reversed things and put the japanese lyrics in front to the english as opposed to the other one and went for a lighter blue thing. I like it and I don't think I'll be modifying the resolution...sorry all 2 of you who care.}

Friends - Mario - 10/18/02

Another Fushigi Yuugi wallpaper from yours truly, celebrating the friendship between Tasuki and Tamahome. They fight all the time and yet, stay true fiends. I made this one on a whim one night as I was sitting at my computer doing nothing as I always do and whining about how bored I was. I picked an image at random from my big silly archive thing and this eventually came from it. It did make me think about my own friends as I was working on it, but that's a story for another day.

Even Though it's Painful... Always - Mario - 8/02

One of Tasuki's Image songs. I love this song and it just makes so much sense to me. Anyone who likes a good soothing melody should go download this. Anyways, my first real "text-heavy" wallpaper. On my machine here, that much text, layer glows and layers in general makes it lag like a mofo, but I got it done. And I really like how it turned out.

Even Though it's Painful(Blue) - Mario - 10/02

Again a new version of this wallpaper. Solid colors are neat and the blue works with this one I think. But this is really just a re-hash of something I already made and it deserves no real praise unless you hated the first or second versions and then like this one. Then praise me and exalt me. I am glorious.

Even Though it's Painful(Green) - Mario - 10/02

Different version of the same old thing. I like this better than the gray one though. the green just adds something to it. Anyways all I did was change the colors of the clouds in the background...nothing spectacular.

Flames of Valor - Mario - 4/16/03

Tasuki ownz j00!!! Yes, he does. I made this wallpaper for 2 reasons. Reason Number one is.....a secret that can not be told until some later date. Reason number is that Tasuki ownz j00! Tasuki's my fave character from Fushigi Yuugi btw, in case you can't figure that one out on your own.

Good Goes Bad - Mario - 6/11/01

I found the picture on a random image search for cool FY pics, and it just got up and basically begged me to make it into a wallpaper. so I did. There's a heavy amount of blurring going on here. It wasn't all that hard to make...and I like I how it turned out. And I want Tamahome' outfit there. Damn him and Tasuki for having bitchin' clothes.

The Emperor - Mario - 8/11/02

Well, it's Hotohori!! I warned you people that there would be one. At least I think I did. Oh well, if I did, I did. If not...oh well! Anyways, this is Hotohori. Great guy, very kind and caring and all that. I like him and I feel really bad for him. Understand his pain, that I do. Well anyways, he's great and he has mad skillz with that sword of his.

Fushigi Yuugi Circle - Mario - 8/11/02

This is the textless version of a wallpaper I made as a birthday present for a friend of mine. I dunno if it's the sketchy looking back part or too much glowy stuff, but this one makes me kina feel like I could have just drawn the silly thing. Oh well....

Triangle - Mario - 8/11/02

This one was made simply for the fact that I found the image and the idea just smacked me. The background didn't turn out how I originally planned it to be, but it's still kinda neat. Anyways, I like it. And the little bit of text on there is a small portion of my philosophy of Love. If you want the whole thing then you had better give me $20 and forget your social life for a few weeks.

The Priestess of Suzaku - Mario - 8/11/02

This is the original I made first for a friend of mine, cuz he wanted me to. At the time I had NO idea who the hell she even was...but now I know it all. Miaka is the Priestess of Suzaku. She's from Fushigi Yuugi. And now I actually like the show, so expect a few more FY wallpapers to pop up here and there.

Monochrome Miaka - Mario - 8/11/02

I made an original of this...it should be around someplace. Anyways, I looked at it for a while and decided I liked it and all, but I wanted a tad more unity, so I made it all blue. I like how it goes, but some people may not. Too bad, I made it, not you!!

Head in the Clouds - Mario - 7/02/02

Awww...it's Miaka again. I actually made this one a variant of the original too. Clouds looked neat so I did it. bwahahahaha!