The Magnificent World of El-Hazard

One of my favorite series of all times, and the one that really got me into anime, El-Hazard is a magical series from the creators of Tenchi Muyo about 3 students and their teacher who are sent to another dimension by a mysterious woman found in the ruins under their school. Upon arrival, our heroes(and villian) are thrust into the middle of an epic war between the peoples of El-Hazard. For more info, check out my Ifurita shrine here - Phil

Afura #1 - Phil - 3/26/02

I dunno why I'm even offering this one up, it was tweaked around as a wallpaper after I made a blog layout with it, looking back, maybe that wasn't such a good idea :/

Afura #2 - Phil - 7/02/02

This was a fun one to make, being spawned off of a desire to make use of that gorgeous art there, and helped by a little photoshop trick from Mario.