Miscellaneous Games

Random papers from random video games, that's what you'll find here. Of course, being stuck in this section doesn't necessarily mean that we don't like a game as much, it just means that we've only found art to inspire the papers that are here. I'm sure I'll have a few more once I get ahold of Soul Calibur II, of this you can be sure ^___^ - Phil

Falco - Mario - 05/06/04

Rock it. Fun game of SSB: Melee. I blowed up...I blowed up good.

That he did, that he did. - Phil

Bangai-O - Mario - 05/02/04

Fucking great game that I, as per my standards, bought because the cover looked cool and it was $20 new. It's for the Dreamcast if no one knows. But this was a simple tribute thing just because I found a pile of Dreamcast game cover scans and made this one (but I'll get to more later)

Aya Brea - Phil - 01/25/04

Finally! I've made an Aya wallpaper. I've always thought she was one of the sexiest video game characters ever, and would have done a wallpaper sooner, but I could never find any adequate scans to use. This one's about the best that I've ever been able to find, and it's still smaller than I'd like it to be. Just a random tidbit, the stuff behind her took about 25 minutes to run through and render, but boy does it look nice.

Gungrave - Mario - 11/23/03

THE most simple wallpaper I've made. It's a Gungrave wallpaper. Gungrave is a game that while short and slow at the beginning is damn sweet and loads of fun. Plus it's ultra cheap now so anyone can go out and buy it on the cheap. But yeah, no serious work here, just something to look at.

Suo - Mario - 11/23/03

Valkyrie Profile. originally I had no intent on playing it but then after watching Phil play it for a couple hours one day I realized that if I didn't play it I'd be a moron. And I didn't find out until far too late that Suo is just one badass dude. He freaking rocks...just check out that armor. It's so damn cool. Anyways this one was just a lot of work figuring out the background as nothing I was doing was working and then Phil and I discovered magic Photoshop tools and the world was reborn as we knew it. And it was good.

Lei-Fang - Phil - 04/17/03

Yet another whim paper, this one featuring Dead or Alive's Lei-Fang, even though I prefer Helena. Let's just say that I have a thing for that kind of top ^_^ Anyhow, was a fun paper to make with all the different filters I was playing with to get the ripples just so. No 1280x1024 because I'm feeling to lazy to make it work.

Black Rose - Phil - 2/13/03

Made using a scan I found of Black Rose, I'm just sad that I couldn't find bigger source material to work with for larger versions of the paper, because Black Rose gets some great looking swords in the game.

Serge - Mario - 10/30/02

Yeah this ain't great. Made it real fast for no real reason. take it or don't...doesn't matter to me.

Brothers At War - Mario - 8/10/02

Ahhh, Grandia 2. Splendor in CD format. Anyways, this is Melfice and Ryudo. Melfice has the horns. Blah! Grandia 2 is one of my personal Fave RPG's and so this just popped into my head.

Legends - Mario - 7/02/02

This one I made a lengthy portion of time ago. I needed an idea for one to make and this is what I came up with. And yes, I do realize that Ryudo there isn't as famous as everyone else, but I don't care!! He's Ryudo dammit! He’s a Legend to me. Now I wanna go play Grandia 2.

Seung Mina - Mario - 06/14/02

Lookie, a Girl!!! Hehehehe. This is THE first wallpaper I ever made. It's ok for a first attempt, but if I ever look at it enough, I'm going in there and redoing the whole damned thing. I still kinda like it though, since it's Seung Mina and she's damn cool.