Burn Up(W, eXcess, or whatever)

See the thing about this...it's freaking hilarious. The bouncing boobs are an added bonus. Anyone who badmouths this show because "it's all fanservice" is a red baboon on the verge of extinction..least if I find them. Villians beware..where ever you plot evil, Rio will be there...especially if she gets monies out of it. She loves cash...well more like loves spending cash, and she never has enough to merit spending...she sounds like Phil and myself. Anyways this show's great in all it's forms and I recommend you at least rent them or borrow them from someone who was smart enough to ignore the idiotic breast-hating masses and pick this up, because it is funny...massively funny. - Mario

Burn Up - Ultra-fanservice-jiggling(backed by the Jiggle Counter on the ADV DVDs) powers this special police team's crimefighting ways. From loudmouthed Rio, to trigger-happy Maya, to super genius Nanvel, everyone on the team is full of bounce. Well, except for Yuji, quite the lech, but more interested in the legs. If you don't mind all the fanservice, it's definitely an amusing little universe, with an amusing, Evangelion-referencing dub from ADV. - Phil

Your Basic Gunbunny (Blue Variation) - Mario - 6/05/03

There's really nothing to say about this. It's just a monochrome version of the Maya wallpaper I made a while back. The whole reason this exists is because I was going throuh a period of blue on my desktop and only had a few to use so I modified a couple of my other wallpapers (look around, you'll find them) and this happened. So if you didn't like the original then this one probably ain't for you...unless of course the whole reason you don't like the original was its color scheme....in which case enjoy!

Your Basic Gunbunny - Mario - 9/19/02

This is Maya. She r0x0rs....Hard. She's a member of Team Warrior (and my favorite at that ^_~) I wouldn't ever touch her guns....well, her artillery guns not...oh nevermind....She's awesome, sexy and jiggly and all that stuff. And let's not forget hilarious. And dangerous too. Anyways, this is my small and humble tribute to a Maya. Somebody besides me had better like it or you all will suffer!! or something like that.

Welcome to Team Warrior - Mario - 9/19/02

This is Rio. Hot blonde police officer with a bad attitude, an empty pocketbook and a severe distaste for dirty bastards who do evil things. Don't mess with her or you'll be eating tonfa, and that's not something you wanna be eating...trust me.