My god I love this show! it's a personal favorite in teh giant robot genre. Dai-Guard isa bitchin' robot with real problems and a crew of office workers with mountains of paperwork to do and the fate of the world resting on their shoulders. All in all i'd say they handle the responsibility well...except for every second their either working or piloting. All in all a magical romp through the freaked out world of a boy who wants to be an ace giant robot pilot and all of his co-workers who have to deal with his moronis and often childlike attitude. - Mario

Dai-Guard Darkeyes - Mario - 1/13/03

Sooooo the embodiment of simple. eyes and a logo. Some people say that it's unending glowing gaze stares at you. They're right. But it's so cool at the same time. Someone once said that less is more (like every art teacher I ever had) and maybe they're right. this is easy stuff.

Akagi - Mario - 1/10/03

What a spaz. Some really lame work of mine just taken from screencapping one of my DVDs. It works and all, but I could do more....at least I think I can. Either way, Akagi is still hilarious.