X / Tokyo Babylon

This...show....Ownz....you. X is a great manga, tv series and movie about the end of the world and those chosen to save it or destroy it. It's great stuff from CLAMP, as most CLAMP things are great anyways. But X is my favorite of the Clamp junk I know of. X tv on DVD soon. Horray!!!! - Mario

Kamui - Mario - 6/13/02

OOOOOO!!! I love this one. It's the first wallpaper I made that I was actually proud of. Go me!! Anyways, I learned the little Photoshop Lightning trick one day and figured I'd go home and try it out on something, and I ended up making this one. A friend of mine made a Fuuma one to compliment it...on account of the whole twin star thing and all that stuff ^_^ Wonder if I still have it.

Kamui - Mario - 8/10/02

This would be probably THE worst wallpaper I've made, but I'm allowing it to go up here so that everyone can see that not everything I make is good. Some of it is worse than crap... some of it is like this!!! Too... Much... LIGHTNING!! AGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Heaven and Earth - Mario - 8/13/02

Heh Heh. X is goooooood! I made this one in the large lump of wallpapers I made on one of my breaks. Every time I look at it I kinda feel like I made some sort of propaganda poster, and that's fine. I like it and it's all neat and stuff.