Neon Genesis Evangelion

I don't even know where to begin with this one... As everyone probably already knows, this is something of a landmark anime, and one I'm rather fond of. Sure there's mecha, giant invading monsters, and a bit of fanservice ::coughMisatocough::, but its really about the people. Everyone's got issues in this show, and we get lots of opportunity to see them facing their problems, or running away from them, as a few characters are prone to do. Though I must say that I really like the Evangelion's design, one of the few mecha I can say that about. - Phil

Eva makes my head hurt....a lot! granted it's not too bad of a show... I just can't really like it as much as I probably should. But Asuka ownz things, people, and probably a few places too. - Mario

Ayanami Rei - Mario - 12/06/03

I am not a big fan of the Rei girl, though she does have some mad awesome art out there. But yeah this one just feels too purple to me, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes. Well enjoy monkeys and monkeyettes.

Asuka 03 - Mario - 11/23/03

My third Asuka wallpaper (no asking where #2 is though) and this is the first wallpaper I've made that's bigger than my own desktop settings, and boy is it ever bigger than my desktop. but that's ok...I'm gonna try and make a fre more bigger wallpapers for those of you out there who use bigger desktops and whatnot, but for now I'll mainly be sticking to my standard sizes. Sorries.

Asuka - NERV #1 - Phil - 8/18/02

Even though I'm not a big Asuka fan, this was the first, and only entry in what was supposed to be a set of 3 papers, featuring the Evas and their pilots in front of a NERV-logo background. Unfortunately I never got around to more on the series aside from starting on Rei's paper, work was quite the distraction at that point.

Asuka Langley Sohryu - Mario - 8/17/02

What can I say. Asuka r0xx0rs. She's a great character and not a bad looking one either. ^_^ Anyways, this wallpaper was made because we needed NGE wallpapers here and also because I really like Asuka. Not so much a fan of the entirety of Eva itself, but Asuka makes me watch it. Oh well, at any rate, I like this one, and not just because it's Asuka, but also because it looks really neat. Go on, see for yourself.