Miscellaneous Anime

Deciding not to give anything with just one paper its own page, this is a collection of those random shows neither of us has gotten around to making more papers for, regardless of how much we might like the actual shows they are based off of. - Phil

Mic Sounders the 13th - Mario - 09/15/04

So I've been really into GaoGaiGar as of late and I find Mic to be hilarious and such and the first time he did a System Change and started rocking away I hit Cmnd+Shift+3 and screencapped that thing and made one hell of a colorful filtered artistic whatever you wanna call it. So yeah, I love GaoGaiGar and if anyone has any art that I could make a serious wallpaper from please e-mail me a'cuz I can't find anything....at all. FINAL FUSION!!!!

Soundwave - Mario - 09/15/04

Well, since I could remember Transformers, I've always liked Soundwave the most, and that kinda makes me sad because if they had put him into the new shows, I definitely would have watched them all regardless of suckitude, as long as Soundwave didn't look like poo. But this one's a combination of purple things, including a screencap of iTunes and what not. Soundwave = The best BoomBox ever.

Iria - Phil - 09/07/04

Busting out with the old school. I actually did most of this one around July of last year, with just a few touchups now that I'm realizing I never posted it. Iria's a young bounty hunter in an old OVA of the same name, a prequel to a pair of live-action movies that I've never seen, nor likely want to see. Just another fantastic looking tough girl with a great costume, enjoy.

Nenene - Mario - 07/08/04

R.O.D TV, Nenene Sumerigawa. Have I mentioned to everyone how much I fucking love Read or Die? Well, I fucking love it. Anyways this is rather orange and the reason for that is mainly because orange is probably my weakest color for working with so I decided I needed to give it a shot. not bad I guess. Shapes and things. yay!

Al Elric - Mario - 07/01/04

So I've been all up in the Full metal Alchemist and I gotta say it's one of those things that I just love. Al here is a great character and really funny. But I found this art a long time ago and I just love it, so I threw this together. Kind of a metally thingy or whatever. Rewrite!

Welcome to Mars - Mario - 4/27/03

I made this wallpaper a LOOOOOOONNNGGG time ago and it still hasn't been put up so I'll try this again. It's Armitage, she's great and fun and hilarious and all that jazz. let's see if this ever ends up on the damnable site.

Priss - Phil - 7/18/03

About time I got around to a BGC wallpaper, and it was quite the project. I went through a good 5 versions of the paper before finding a scan from the 2040 Artbook(a nice book, by the by) to use in the background. Yes, she's a bit top heavy, but it's still one of the best Priss 2040 images I've ever seen. In the end, I really liked how this paper turned out, easily one of my top 5 favorite papers, I think this one's gonna sit on my desktop for a while.

Demon Eyes Kyo - Mario - 6/26/03

I've wanted to make this wallpaper for as long as I can remember (not really...more like about a year but whatever) but it's not easy finding images this good, but I finally did. Anyways not too much technical things going on here but the background was made on a complete fluke...just random effects of random filters on random other flters previously added to layers, but it's neat. Not much to say other than this is my submission to the site for the 100th wallpaper, so happy 100 everyone!!

Gene Starwind - Mario - 4/27/03

What can we say about him? well, he likes the Whorehouses a lot, actually he just likes women a lot. Too bad they don't really care for him most of the time. Anyways He's got guns and stuff, a spaceship, random girls on his ship, lookin' for treasure and all that jazz. Not thinking well currently so this is the best I got.

Hikaru - Mario - 4/26/02

Neat text trick and if you can't read it bite me. I love it, it's special and precious. Anyways aside from the text it's all very simple just some clouds blurs and other little tricks. For a doll, Hikaru can really kick some ass.

InuYasha - Mario - 12/11/02

He's half demon and half human. Silver hair, a sword of his father and some little high school girl following him around being a pain in the ass. He is InuYasha. Can't really say much here since I haven't seen enough of the show to really know what's going on, but I know he's cool and has skillz, which in my personal opinion is always a plus.

Loki - Mario - 7/15/02

Loki is a member of the Assassin's Guild. He looks damn killer in that bone-type armor and he has got some serious skill when it comes to fighting or anything. The image of him in this wallpaper is off of the cover of the 3rd Ragnarok graphic novel. I saw it when I got it and as soon as I got to my scanner I scanned it and started work on this wallpaper. This is the first one. I plan to make a Fenris wallpaper and one of Iris too, so look forward to those.

Girls With Guns - Mario - 7/02/02

What can I say...girls rock and boys suck ^^; Anyways, this is the first wallpaper I ever added Armitage into and yet I call her one of my fave anime characters of all time...Shame on me!! Anyways, Mirielle from Noir and Rio from Burn Up W also appear. I made this it's neat, like it or die.

The Desert Kimg - Phil - 11/26/01

I forget why exactly I made this wallpaper, I think it might have been something to do with all the lovely females I've made wallpapers for and just wanting to do something a bit different, and this is what came of it. Though I have to admit I find the SD Kashue rather amusing...