Breath of Fire

Meh, played BoF II, and tried getting into Dragon Quarter and BoF IV, but neither were interesting enough to me to continue playing them for very long, ah well, that's what other games are for. - Phil

So I played BoF 4 and it was neat, but never held me enough to play the other ones and after watching a lot of Dragon Quarter, I doubt I'll ever play one again. - Mario

Katt - Phil - 01/25/04

A friend gave me a whole pile of characters that he liked and wanted a paper for one of them. I chose Katt(Breath of Fire II) as I'd come across this kick-ass piece of fanart for her and knew it would be perfect, add in a funky font and the same filter in the Aya wallpaper, and this is what came out. It would have been a 1600x1200 job, but the fanart isn't nearly big enough to start from. I just wish I could remember where I grabbed it originally for proper credit, though I can say it was on a Japanese artist's site with a goodly amount of certainty.

Scias - Mario - 9/01/03

My favorite character from Breath of Fire 4. Made this one monday morning when nothing better to do could be found and I had just accquired a Capcom artbook full of 244 pages of Capcom-y bliss. Though not enough Maga Man in it for me...but that's beyond the point. Either way this is fun and wonderful and simple so shut up and like it already.