Love Hina

A show I really tend to like, though as is said the manga is better, but only if you're comparing them...I only just read all of the manga like...2 days ago and saw the series a few years needless to say I liked the series, and I still do, but the manga is fraggin' awesome. 14 volmes of wonderful hilarity and damn bitchin' artworks. Well, anyways it's something that I tell people is good and that's my opinion of if I say it's good then it must be good, right? Right. - Mario

Shinobu - Mario - 5/30/03

Just a little Love Hina paper I threw together on request and for all of those Shinobu fans out there (which I'm personally not one of, but that's irrelavant) Anyways, it was pretty simple and easy but it's not too hideous, so green light!

Outdoor Baths - Mario - 5/06/03

Made on request in record time of almost a month to finish (I was being lazy and not having internet just sucked) but it got done and now I look at it and think I could do better so there may be a remake of this one down the road someday....but not soon as I have other stuff to do.

Kendo Girl - Mario - 7/15/02

Motoko Aoyama. My personal favorite character from Love Hina. This is a weird one and I have no idea what to say about it. A lot of overlays, screwy color things. Freaky gradient overlay. Motoko has mad skillz with a sword and all that, but she's very pretty too. Oh well. I kinda like this one....I think ^^;;;