The Art of Masamune Shirow

Masamune Shirow is one of Japan's leading manga artists, not in quantity, but in quality of work. Ever since I laid eyes on Ghost in the Shell, I've been a huge fan of his work, all filled to the brim with the tiny little details, beautiful coloring jobs, and a slightly bizarre sense of humor(the police force's motto in Appleseed is "We kill for peace"), not that I'm complaining. For more info about this great artist, check out my not-so-little shrine to him. But for the moment, just sit back and enjoy the wallpapers. - Phil

Galgrease - 01/07/2005

Featuring a lovely pair of gals from the last of the Posterbooks. Galhound made for such a great set of art, too bad its done with now, along with the whole line of posterbooks.

Cybergirls - 11/14/2004

Wow, almost a year since the last one o_O Anyhow, this is a pic I've always, always loved, and is probably at least a quarter of the reason I got into Shirow. It kicked off the start to a monthly series of wallpaper calendars, though its been updated to remove the date as you don't really care about November 2004 anymore now do you?

Faerie - 11/24/2003

This paper is based off of an image that I've wanted to use for absolutely forever, originating in Intron Depot 2/Rebirth calendar(or probably earlier), but I never had a high-enough resolution scan to work for me. Fortunately Seishinsha came through for me and posted it as one of this month's two gallery pictures, making me very, very happy. I was playing with quite a few effects on this one, and like every bit of this wallpaper.

Chroma - Phil - 7/11/03

Based off a scan of a GitS2:MMI cover, I really liked how this one came together. I had an idea for how I wanted this one to come together from the start and I'm pleased that I was able to achieve it as close as I did, choosing the colors was probably the hardest part about this one.

Cowgirl - Phil - 4/16/03

::gasp:: an actual new wallpaper and not part of the backlog! This one originates from Shirow's new posterbook series of images, and originally had a blue background that shifted to a much nicer looking white-base with a little inversion and some filtering.

Fire Spider - Phil - 4/16/03

Having actually done this wallpaper back in mid-December when I got and scanned my shiny new 2003 Thrilling calendar, I don't remember too much about it aside from her hair being such a pain to edit out that I decided to leave part of the background in the image.

April's Assault - Phil - 4/14/02

Using another calendar scan(Heroic's April shot this time), I took some time and had to rework bits of the background until I was finally happy with it.

Appleseed - Phil - 3/22/02

This one was created on a whim, as I don't usually don't touch reds, but this was a scan I've wanted to use for a really long time, and just decided to play with it.

Camo Gal - Phil - 11/06/01

Based on a scan from the Angel Star calendar, I felt like making a wallpaper of the month and ended up experimenting with filters and blending for the 'camo'

Manmachine Interface - Phil - 11/01/01

Having just gotten scans from the GitS Solid Box Set, I couldn't resist making this one, it also evolved into this and a few other layout ideas.