Gunnm / Battle Angel Alita by Yukito Kishiro

Gunnm(aka Battle Angel Alita here in the US), is readily my favorite manga series of them all. Created by the amazing Yukito Kishiro, Gunnm's gritty cyberpunk world is filled with love, loss, lots of violent action, and Gally's quest to regain her memory and find a purpose in this world. This man is simply amazing in his talent, too bad he doesn't draw more ::pouts:: - Phil

Salem - Phil - 7/10/02

I completely forgot about this one :B I did it a while back using fan scans of the new Last Order material, I really liked the image of Gally(though the outfit doesn't seem like her), and always wanted to do a paper with Salem in the background. As usual, it's a greyscale image, as it fits the universe so much better than color.

Sechs - Phil - 4/15/03

Featuring Gunnm: Last Order's Gally, Nova, and the 'twins' in the background, with the focus on a great shot of Sechs, the ony other surviving Tuned series android. For a while it was just Sechs and Gally, but I decided that the others would round it out nicely, and I had some fun with fonts I barely ever use as well.

Motorball - Phil - 5/02/02

Made after I went ahead and made the main layout for, I was in the mood for a big, dark blue wallpaper and had a couple new scans to play with.

Last Order #1(dark grey) - Phil - 3/26/02

The first of three variants of this wallpaper, I'd just gotten my first nice sized Last Order scans and fell in love with the image on the left side of it...

Last Order #1(light grey) - Phil - 3/26/02

... Variants two and three here came about from just playing with the background colors, seeing what did and didn't work, most colors didn't work, however...

Last Order#1(black) - Phil - 3/26/02

... the greyscales did work pretty well, so I kept a few of those, in fact, I could make a ton of variations on this one real easy if you want another color.

Mourning Yugo - Phil - 1/15/02

I don't really remember why I made this one, I think it was the scan, Gally just looks so sad and lonely, I had to try and do something with it, and this is the result.