DC Comics

Okay, so I don't follow the DC universe all that much, namely anything outside of Teen Titans and Justice League on Cartoon Network is pretty much unknown lore to me. I mean sure, I know a bunch of the characters, just frrom being around and whatnot, but I don't really know many of their stories, aside from Bats and Sups. Well, there's the utterly fantastic Sandman I suppose, but I don't really count that as a DC universe thing. I did, however have a very brief period of DC reading in the form of the Death of Superman storyline way back when, and that was quite the read. - Phil

Never much cared for anything DC as I like the Marvel ways of things more, but lately, there have been an insane amount of awesome DC things. Teen Titans, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and lots of comics and even Batman Begins might be groovy. So anyways everyone gets what they get, and this is what you get from me for this section. Eat it. - Mario

Singin' Bats - Mario - 09/15/04

What can I say? This was THE absolute funniest thing involving Batman I have EVER seen. Justice League Unlimited episode #5 titled "This Little Piggy" go find it and watch it...hate Bats or love him, this is a must see for everyone who knows who Batman is.

Terra - Mario - 09/15/04

The addition of Terra to Teen Titans at first made me kinda suspicious and I, as always, was right to be suspicious but then she turned into a female Rock Volnutt ( if you don't know, I'm not telling) and then_________________happened (I'm spoiler free for your enjoyment) so Enjoy.

Starbolt - Mario - 07/06/04

Starfire from the new Teen Titans comics and TV show (which is a fucking awesome show, in case you aren't aware) but this was just meant to be a tiny little thing with Star flying atop my screen, but I added some city shit and stuff. Whatever.