Oh! My Goddess!

One of the classics in anime, Oh! My Goddess!(aka Ah! Megami-sama!) is a romantic comedy about a college freshman that dials the wrong number when ordering a pizza and ends up calling the Goddess Hotline, bringing him face to face with the angel Belldandy, who offers to grant him whatever wish he desires. Thinking it a joke, he asks her to become his girlfriend, and gets more than he bargained for in the process. Definitely something that most anyone can enjoy, this is a nice, lighthearted tale with its share of strong moments. Definitely worth checking out, though you may want to start with the 5-part OAV, as the manga spans over 15 volumes. I just wish they'd made more use of Peorth. - Phil

Peorth 2 - Phil - 6/08/03

My submission for the site's 100th paper, and with quite an undertaking behind it. Utilizing scans from the Anime Project Alliance Gallery, this paper was done at the highest resolution I've worked at yet - 3200x2400. This made for a rather large-scale touch up job for me, particularly as most of the main image doesn't exist left of the thorns. Given that more than a month has passed since my primary work on the paper, I don't recall the specifics of the filtering and blending process that led to this final product, but I do recall the closeups being a later addition that I was rather pleased with. Lastly, this is also the first paper I've made for the 1152x864 resolution, and if you'd like one higher than 1600x1200, e-mail me and I'll see what I can do about customizing it for you.

Peorth 1 - Phil - 5/15/03

One of three papers I initially assembled for the site's 100th paper, and the top pick of those at that, my main purpose in its creation was Peorth. She's always had one of my favorite character designs and personalities, but was always a neglected character, and the OMG wallpapers field has been no different, particularly at higher resolutions. I was fairly happy with the results of this paper, but then, after I'd finished it, I came across some really high res scans that just begged to be used, spawning the other paper ::points up:: That's not to say I don't like this one as much, I think they're both great pieces, though this one could use a bit more cleanup, I admit.