A personal favorite, Vandread may come off as a big fanservice fest at first glance, but the writers have come up with quite a gem here. I say shove aside your reservations about the fanservice in the show and watch it if you get the chance, otherwise you're missing out on a great story. This show, like Evangelion and Nadesico, really isn't about the mecha(hence my liking it), it's about the characters, and that's what I like. Especially with the heavy focus on personal growth in the show. I'm talking serious growth here, as I started out hating some characters, but all of them have an episode or two where they earn my sympathy, except maybe Pai, she's just annoying ;P Mmm... Meia.... - Phil

Super Vandread - Phil - 09/30/04

Made at the request of(and with direction by) Kevin M. Initially, things went alright, trying some things out and whatnot, but unfortunately we've almost opposite views on everything but Vandread, so communications weren't so agreeable and I became fed up with it about the same time I got it done to his satisfaction. Kinda burnt me out on doing anything with the site for a while even, hence the lack of updates here while I've gone on to be more productive on my other site. And it doesn't get any larger simply because there was a lack of good source materials availible.

Dita Liebely - Phil - 09/14/04

Okay, let me state right now that I'm not much of a Dita fan, but boy did this picture go a long way towards changing that opinion. I found a monster sized scan of the image on 4chan, and from what I understand, it comes from a rather hard to find doujin series. While I initially was working on this one at 3200x2400px, I accidentally saved it down at 1600x1200 and was unable to get it back to the larger size, so no large-size customizations are availible if for some reason you wanted it even bigger.

Meia Gisborn - Phil - 05/07/03

Recently finishing up the show, I finally decided to make a Meia paper, as none seem to exist at 1600x1200. Taking a scan of the 2nd DVD's insert and mixing in a screencap, you wouldn't think this would take too long. How wrong you are, as I had to thoroughly clean up artifacts left by the scan, and those white bars took forever to carve up, a 6-7 hour project in all. No 1280x1024 as the image layout doesn't fit it.

Women Are Monsters - Mario - 09/08/02

Vandread. Granted I need to see the rest of this, but I still like it. Let's see...I made this one because I found the image (and I'm not telling where ^_^) and I thought it looked really neat so I decided that I needed to do something with it, but up until I actually started making this thing, I had no idea what that something was. This is the end result, and I hope somebody out there likes it.