Ranma 1/2

Not much to say about this one, as it's Mario's baby and he forgot to give me a rant about it. About all I can say about it is that it's amusing, and that it was fun exploiting the debug mode on the old Super Nintendo game for the series(a 2D fighter!) - Phil

So I read the crap out of the manga for this and I want to watch the show but I just can't afford to buy it and I don't care enough to download it (piracy is bad kids, don't turn out like us) so i haven't seen it, but I'll get a hold of it someday. - Mario

Ryoga - Mario - 6/14/02

Yes, Mr. Hibiki. My favorite Ranma 1/2 character. Well, tied with Kuno for my fave..but I can identify with Ryoga a bit more than with Kuno...But Kuno has a Bokken!!! Err..getting off topic...I tried to show several of Ryoga's emotions and such in this one..Happy in the back, angry in the front...relaxed on the right..and look at all the cute little P-Chan's in the background!!!

The Lion's Roar - Mario - 6/14/02

It's my favorite attack in all of the Ranma universe. The attack gets stronger the more depressed the user becomes, and Ryoga is a walking ball of depression..and I can be too at time. I wish I could do that. Man, there'd be holes in all of the walls in my place.