Martian Successor Nadesico

This show is so fun. Gai Daigohji all the way...or for like 3 episodes. Anyways it hosts Gekigangar and a cast of hilarious characters brought together by a space war on multiple planets and more importantly the fact that all girls on thsi show are in love with Akito Tenkawa. he's a goddamned pimp I swear...and the freak doesn't even try. Now that's smooth. - Mario

Ruri r0x0rs - Phil

Gekigangar V - Mario - 4/27/03

Hell yes! Gekigangar is the god of Giant robots. A show inside a show is what Gekigangar is. It's a show inside of Martian Successor Nadesico. and if no one can tell I'm a giant robot freak by now...well, then get to know me better. I'm 5' 10" I have brown hair, blue eyes and a piercing stare that will.....err, right, wallpaper. Anyways, this is just a simple paper with not one special thing about it.

Nadesico V - Mario - 1/25/03

The V is for victory! Anyways this is uber simple and quite a needed change from all the color and "work" I normally do on these wallpaper things. Anyways here you go. Enjoy the Nadesico goodness.