Another series that Mario needs to write for, I can't stand all the testosterone flying around in this neverending series. - Phil

I love giant robots. Let's get that out there, plain and simple. Gundam is the Ole' G of giant robots and someof it really kicks like 0083 and 08th M.S. Team. G Gundam's fun for me cuz it maes me feel like playing a fighting game whenever I watch it and anything where people need to scream special attacks and have little monolouges before they do them gets bonus points from me. - Mario

Shuffle Alliance - Mario - 10/11/02

At first I really didn't like G Gundam, but the more I watch of it, the more I like it. George may be the representative of Neo-France, and that may make him hated by some people, but not me. George and the Gundam Rose are my favorites. Anyways, from top to bottom the fighters are named as follows: Chibodee Crocket, George de Sand, Domon Kasshu, Sai Saishi, Argo Gulskii. Expect a few more G Gundam wallpapers from me in the future.

Little Gouf - Mario - 7/28/02

Hehehehe. This one makes me laugh all the time. I made it because as I was looking at wallpapers one day on some random sites I realized that there was not only a shortage of 08th M.S. Team wallpapers, but anything involving the Gouf Custom there, which happens to be one of my favorite Mobile Suits. Lil' baby Gouf...hehehehe