Mario's 'Crappy' Vector Artwork

Well, it all started as a weird little thing one day when I decided I wanted to give it a show and so I popped open Illustrator and just went at it. And it's something I really enjoy doing now, so expect me to fill this section right up with all kinds of stuff.

Dannar - Mario - 09/15/04

This one I made to show Pip's retard of a brother how easy doing this kind of stuff is, so it's not fantastic but it's still kinda cool. I have a lot more Godannar things to be done, but this one is what you get before all those. Dannar exiting Dannar Base from the Second Season Opening

Godannar - Mario - 09/15/04

Godannar in Twin Drive Mode with the Revolvers Open and the Dannar on and all that stuff. This was the first Vector wallpaper I did and it's still my favorite to date, so hey, enjoy.