Steel Angel Kurumi

Holy freak I love this show! It's so funny, and fan service-y. Even though each episode is only 12 min long or so, it's still awesome, though it does leave one craving more...oh so much more. I likies Karinka. Hillary Haag does the voice for her in the Dub and man she's perfect for it. And Saki's a lesbian and Kurumi's well, Kurumi. Tsunami's a freak. hehehehe! Anyways, this show has everything, including a kitchen sink or 2! Check it out everyone. It's well sorth the cost of 5 DVDs. - Mario

Saki - Mario - 10/09/02

Saki's the second steel angel awakened in the series...and she's also the lesbian. She loves Kurumi and all hat junk, but Kurumi's a freak and thinks Saki just loves her like a sister. And let's not forget Saki's hilarious delusions of romance. Anyways, Saki's here, now there's only like 30 more steel angels to make wallpapers of. eh heh heh......crap.

Karinka - Mario - 10/09/02

Karinka's great. Absolutely woderful. Cute and vicious. I love the girl, just look at her cute little hat. Look at it!! Anyways, a lot of blue here (so Phil should like it. He loves blue, ya know) and I finally got to make this. I'm so happy I found super high kick ass quality images!!! More Kurumi wallpapers on the way!!