Disclaimers and all that jazz

Standard fansite fare here, neither of us is in this for profit or any such, all artwork belongs to the original creators, and for the most part, were used without their permission. If you're the creator/owner/copyright holder of anything on the site here and you don't like what you see here, or want specific acknowledgement for something, just go ahead and e-mail one of us and we'll get it taken down/credited properly. Again, we're just doing this for fun and because we like the characters we're putting on the wallpapers/skins, not because we want to put you out of work/money.

And as to using/distributing our stuff, please don't, unless you contact us first and get permission, and don't go around changing/overwriting watermarks, it's a rude practice and we'd probably be just as glad to let you use them on your site if you but ask us. Also, no taking our papers and making website layouts from them without permission, plus, that's something we're probably gonna be a bit more touchy on your using them because of the initial effort involved in making the papers' layouts.

And finally, to bandwidth stealers, with your direct-linking of files, we're not gonna take too kindly to that at all, in fact, it'll probably result in one of us coming over, kicking you in the face, and crushing your livers, and keep in mind, we have steel-toe boots, that is all. ^_-

- Phil and Mario