Capcom & SNK Fighting Games

Mmm... 2D fighters. Of course, as evidenced by our Guilty Gear page, we like the 2-D fighting action. While Guilty Gear is certainly at the top of our piles, there's no lack of love for Capcom and SNK's offerings(though Capcom *badly* needs to redo their sprites). While Capcom was pretty much there first, and has the likes of Morrigan and Felicia, SNK's range of characters is, on the whole, more interesting- you won't find any Changs, Chois, or Joe Higashis in their camp, and Akuma's nothing compared to the bastard that is Rugal. SNK's also got the mad piles of womenfolk going on- Mai, Mary, May Lee, King, Athena, Mature, Vice, Shermie, Vanessa, Leona, Whip, Yuri, and my two new favorites, Kula and Angel. And that's just from King of Fighters 2002, there's also a few more to be found in the Samurai Shodown games, the upcoming KoF 2003, and there's probably a few more in some of their other games.

Of course, there's no reason to strictly choose one over the other, what with the VS games, allowing you to pit Ryu vs. Terry, Mai vs. Chun-Li, and all those other enjoyable matchups. Of course, there's the other VS as well - Marvel vs Capcom, with its large cast of characters from less than common games, like Jin from Cyberbots and Tech Romancer. Now if only SNK VS Capcom: Chaos would release here already. - Phil

I cut my teeth (as most people) of Street Fighter as far as 2D fighters go and it's still one of my favorites. I don't give a shit what Pip says. I love the nostalgic feeling of the capcom sprites. They may not be as flashy as the SNk stuff, but they're still great for me. I think he's just mad cuz his childhood sucked. - Mario

Akuma - Mario - 03/25/04

Not a lot to say here. More Street Fighter comic art. It's great stuff. Trying to go with an evil feel here being that Akuma's one evil mofo and all. Anyways, this is an older piece of work and all, but still can hold it's own...I guess.

Killer Bee B - Phil - 07/06/04

A variation that I made of the wallpaper in my efforts to find a point of happiness with this wallpaper, as I can't decide which I'm more satisfied with, you get both to pick from.

Killer Bee A - Phil - 05/07/04

What can I say? Cammy's just plain hot, Even if I can't use her worth a damn. This paper is made up of scans from the currently running Street Fighter comic series, which is doing the series justice in a way the live action movie could never touch. All in all, I'm rather satisfied with this one, though I won't use it much, given its greenness.

Mai - Mario - 12/06/03

Made this one a while ago and just plain forgot about it. I know, you're thinking "How could he forget about Mai?" Well it's simple....shit happened. I forget what but I know stuff went on that I forgot about. But anyways, this is it, nothing special as it is an older one and as such has not much in the technological advances that I have learned as of late. Whatever. laterz.

Chun-Li - Mario - 11/30/03

One of my favorite Street Fighter characters. This piece of artwork was pulled from issue 2 of the new Street Fighter comic series. Hopefully this series lasts a long time and gives me much, MUCH artwork to work with. I forget who actually did the art for it, but whoever, they're fan-freakin'-tastic. Not much else to say aside from that I seem to enjoy the brick wall. Oh well, latez.

Haohmaru - Mario - 11/23/03

Again I find wonderful art in a Capcom artbook and make a wallpaper of it. Even though it's just a rough colored sketch, it's so fucking wonderful that it makes me happy. So I made this and it looks rather ok, to me, and now it's here for the whole world to enjoy. so enjoy...or something.

Morrigan Aensland - Phil - 09/19/02

Capcom's sexy succubus, Morrigan, ready to seduce any male that comes her way. I mostly threw this one together as a reason to use the background image, made a couple variations on my computer, this one was the one I liked the most.