Mario's Crappy Artwork

Some people would call em an artist, I call myself someone who wishes he knew how to draw better than he does. I am incrediblly critical of myself, as that should show in anything I do, but my drawings are whast I do most of. I'll post them here sometimes when I do something cool or whatever. Eventually I'll learn how to color stuff better too....well more like add some shading to things. Right now what I do most is sketches. I love sketching and I'm almost always doing it. Sometimes I get stuff I like...other times all I get are eyes. Sad eyes, angry eyes whatever, but that's a lot of my notebook pages, just one big eye on a page. At any rate, there's always something to learn from things, and feel free to criticize my works. I personally love critcizim more than I like praise. Praise is nice and all but criticizms give me room to grow and build on my skills. Anyways I hope everyone likes or dislikes this stuff. Either way it's something made of my own sweat and blood and it all means something or another to me. Laterz.
- Mario

He is Legend - Mario - 08/16/04

Made this real fast. We all love it. Get used to it. - Mario

If you don't get this, you need to watch more Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Adult Swim - Phil

In Darkness - Mario - 06/06/04

So there's some new shit in my crappy art section finally. Nothing spectacular and all just some dark creepy weirdness. Whatever.

Judging You - Mario - 08/26/02

The picture is mine. I drew it, I claim it and I wish I looked that cool. Anyways, I drew it a while back and originally I made a poster out of it (well, technically a mini-poster but who cares?) and I finally decided that out of boredom while watching TV I'd make it into a wallpaper. This is what it became and this is how great it is. The thing with one Angel wing and one Devil wing is something I like to do a lot, and the bokken instead of a katana is a personal choice and shows my preference in weaponry. I love my bokken! ^_^

Can I Help You Color - Mario - 08/01/02

OH OH OH OH!!! I learned how to color with my computer today so I just HAAADD to try it out on this sketch. The green shoes make him 1337, ya know. ^_^

Can I Help You Monochrome - Mario - 07/31/02

This is a sketch I did for a friend of mine. Apparently she liked it ^_^. Guess that means my sketches aren't all that bad. I kinda liked it after I got done drawing it, so I FINALLY hooked my scanner back up and scanned it. Then I thought "hmmm...that's a wallpaper" and then it became one.