What can I honestly say about this? it's Marvel. X-Men, Spider-man, Daredevil, the hulk, the Fantastic Four, Iron man...all that stuff brought to us by Stan Lee. It's all good though sometimes it's not my the hulk..I never really got into that. oh well, enjoy...and yes there will be plenty more here from me. - Mario

Ahh, the good 'ol Marvel crew, even though I mostly missed out on comics growing up, I always liked them more than the DC bunch. With the pile of great characters with sketchy pasts like Spidey, Wolverine, and Punisher, and great villains like Magneto, there was always so much more character to the Marvel crew than the relatively plain vanilla DC crew. And the Marvel women are hotter. ;P - Phil

Since someone brought it up, I thought I'd make it clear, all characters on this page are © Marvel and used without permission. We aren't seeking to do anything here but have something nice to look at on our desktops and wouldn't even think of trying to use these for profit.

Spider-Man - Mario - 6/30/04

I like Spider-man (though I like Venom a tad more) but this is one of those "Mario takes a picture and puts it on a black background" things that I do oh so often. Enjoy.

Mystique - Phil - 02/03/04

Whooops. I've had this one done since early September, just after I started work here in the Cities, and I could have sworn I'd posted it. Anyhow, I like Mystique, and she's gotten her own spinoff of comics of late, so I just wanted to do a paper making use of said comics, which I've enjoyed thus far.

Storm - Mario - 11/23/03

Another X-Men wallpaper, this time of the Wind-rider herself. I was never a huge fan of Storm, but I still liked her. Actually I liked all the X-Men (well except for Cyclops...he was just a knuckle-dragging moron...I hate him) But from far away you really can't see the background things, but if you look close you can see some really neat stuff. Someone might even say it looks like a rainstorm. Well, whatever, I made it, it's neat, get over it (I seem to say that a lot).

Mon Ami - Mario - 8/26/03

More Gambit-y goodness rolled into a 1024x768 desktop space (or smaller for those of you who may use smaller) It's got some issues but this is one of those wallpapers that makes me think about the old X-men cartoon whenever I look at it, which is a good thing. At any rate there isn't much to say except that this is another installment in my simple little X-men galleria Latez.

Remy Le Beau - Mario - 8/26/03

Here's Gambit #3. And again into the simple series of X-men in the shadows. I personally thought the image was freaking awesome and like my Logan wallpaper, the concept just kinda hit me. it's got some glitches in it but that won't stop me from looking at it and being happy that the memoy of Gambit lives on within me.

Psylocke - Mario - 8/24/03

Elizabeth Braddock, more commonly referred to as Psylocke. Telekinetic Ninja with a mean streak and a taste for angels. She's a pretty cool character and all but I still prefer Gambit and Jean Grey, but nonetheless this was made really quickly and not especially well, but I suppose it's ok for now. I'll make a better one later.

Wolverine - Mario - 8/24/03

The insanely light blue on the image on the left is NOT my fault, that how it was when I found it and I personally think it works. Anyways, this is my tribute to a simpler time when yellow spandex was approved superhero costume material and masks were all the rage. Nowadays it seems as though no one cares to think about all that stuff anymore. But regardless, another simple one with no real direction or purpose, but some will enjoy it, I'm sure.

Logan - Mario - 8/24/03

This one (like most of my X-men stuff) is utterly simple, but it works. Really great image I found while browsing around all over the place and the whole concept just kinda hit me. I like it...and so do a few other people from what I understand. Well here we go, enjoy.

Jena Pyre - Mario - 8/23/03

It's a couple cover images from the 3 issue comic series thing from Marvel called Phoenix: Legacy of Fire. It's really short and I wish that there was more to it, but there isn't and that's alright. But as can be seen it has some really wonderful art and it's just fun. That semi-fire thing in the back there is about 12 seperate layers with different transfer modes all over and it took a really long time for me to finish this wallpaper, mainly because I was waiting for the third issue to come out and that took far too long for my tastes, but this is it.

Gambit - Mario - 5/05/03

I've always liked Gambit. He's a Cajun badass with the powers I'd like most. The ability to transform the potential energy of an object into kinetic energy with just a touch..and then they usually follow with exploding. He's just damn cool. Though most of the X-men are cool...with the exception of Cyclops. That guy's a knob.