This game is a riot, if you play RPGs or strategy games of any kind, you need to play this game, hell, even if you don't play them, you need to play this one, it's just that good. Of course, I haven't spent nearly as much time playing it as Mario, but I've still logged around 140 hours on this monster, and still pick it up on occasion, as there's a few things I've left to do. - Phil

Fucking Phil. Tricked me into playing this game and then I bought my own copy and now I have this fucking Ninja at level 5000+ with about 7000 stored leves or so and I'm still fucking playing the damned thing. Worth the money and a fucking awesome game. Go try and find it. - Mario

Disgaea Faces - Mario - 06/19/04

Yeah this one....well, got the art for all the characters and well, I love it so you know... went crazy with it. tried to get in all the main people, human classes and the monsters/BadGuys that I find awesome. So hey, take it.

Laharl - Mario - 05/07/04

I forgot I even made this one until about 15 minutes before I gave it to Pip to upload here. It's odd, dark and otherwise simple (as always). Maybe someone will find it appealing and otherwise loaded with cheese....or something like that. Laterz.

Disgaea - Mario - 04/04/04

I have no idea what I was trying to do here. I guess I wanted to illustrate the good and bad of laharl...or..something...? Hell, I don't know.