Guilty Gear

A beautiful, amazingly fun 2D-fighting series by Sammy, the Guilty Gear line is stocked full of outrageous, memorable characters, from the 11-year old May, wielding her anchor, to Faust with his gigantic scalpel. If you own a PS2, we both highly recommend going out and finding Guilty Gear XX(aka Guilty Gear X2), or just GGX if you're having trouble with the former. It's a great break from the legions of Capcom and SNK fighters out there, vastly superior on graphics, and it has a killer soundtrack to boot. - Phil

This game Fscking is the king of the fighter kings. Music, characters and gameply leave nothing to be desired with the exception of tag team and online play. I'm a Ky user, occasionally Chipp too, but with the wheel of random at my command....I always get May, bridget or Axl o.0 it's so weird. But I'm ultra cheap with May. Ask Phil(Millia/Potemkin/Anji/Faust whore), he hates it. But like Phil said, get this damn game and play the hell out of it. We do. - Mario

The Queen of Rock - Phil - 1/25/04

Mmm... I-No. What can I say, she's strong, she's sexy, and she swings an axe around like nobody's business. I'd use her more, but I have a hard time getting into a groove with her fighting style, great power regardless. This was just a little montage I wanted to throw together, though my personal version of it is a bit naughtier ;D

Ky Kiske - Mario - 6/19/03

This one's just one I made in my free's nothing special, kinda lame but it's still Ky and thus it's still something I like. Anyways not to much to say here. Average.

The Gang - Mario - 5/07/03

Not much to say about this one. I foudn the image REALLY amuing (look at May. Now THAT'S funny!) This is, as everything I seem to do, really rather simple stuff. I mean aside from going into that damn image for, like 2 fucking hours trying to get rid of all the non-image background shit (that really blew ass) it's just some simple liquify-ing of the background and that's all there is. Still, funny as hell.

Badass Sol vs Ky - Mario - 4/29/03

Yep, this is the "We're badasses Sol and Ky wallpaper. The other one, the not so badass picture, is shown below, and believe me, you'll know it). It was work, fading, cutting, blurring, cirquelating..all that crap. but is good.

I-No - Mario - 4/28/03

A request. I did nothing but edit around the image on the left and fade it in...oh and the text too, that was all me. the backgroun is all one VERY excellent image. I like this one, for a couple reasons. 1) it's bitchin' artwork 2) I did very little work to make it cool and 3) umm...boobies? well, whatever.

Baiken - Mario - 4/23/03

One-armed, one-eyed...flying purple people eater? Nope, Baiken the Samurai of the Guilty Gear series. I like her, but I can't use her at all. I will'll just take training. This isn't a spectacular wallpaper (though i think that about most of them that I make...over critical of myself it seems) but it is still good. simple blurs and base filter applied giving it it's robust color and samurai flavor.

Sol Badguy vs Ky Kiske - Mario - 3/02/03

You'd think..."hey he used the full names, this must be badass" but you're wrong. this is the non-badass, cutesy "I laughed my ass of when i saw the image and had to make a wallpaper of it" wallpaper of Sol and Ky. It's so great, and I think it fits really well. And even though Ky's my favorite, I can't help but love this. Uber actual work involved. Enjoy.

Dizzy - Mario - 10/13/02

One weird girl from Guilty Gear X. Not my personal favorite character, but she's pretty good. Anyways, this is another of my random "wow! I found a neat image and made a very simple minimal effort wallpaper out of it" series. Hope it doesn't suck...I really do.

Millia Rage - Phil - 1/16/03

As stated above, I'm a heavy Millia user, spending quite a bit of time dashing through the air, just ask Mario. This paper was started with a screencap of my Winamp plugin, Tripex 3, inverted it, played with the color a bit, and decided to find some Millia imagery to add into it, as it was mixing into a nice blue/white that quited her perfectly.