Jet Grind Radio / Jet Set Radio Future

Love these games. I bought an Xbox for the sole purpose of playing JSRF, and I was NOT dissappointed. Anyways not really a lot can be said about these games without me screaming and running away and playing them. And persoanlly if I had a pair of those skates I'd be rockin' it too. Get out and clean up the streets. DJ Proffessor K!! Yeah! Also Cube is awesome. - Mario

Scias - Mario - 9/01/03

Some great art I located (same Cube from the paper before this one) and some really colorful twister background. It's rather maddening and then the logo is just red spiff power ju-ju. Yeah! Yeah, I got no clue what the hell I'm talking about here. end transmission.

Cube 2 - Mario - 11/23/03

Found the fanart, enjoy the hell out of it, made the wallpaper. Got a better wall on the back on this one instead of my other Cube wallpaper. The text was just....some weird thing I did. Splarkly ain't it? Oh well, I made it pretty fast and started messing around. It's not so bad, like I said, love the art.

Cube - Mario - 7/16/03

Take your lunch money and go buy Jet Grind Radio!